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Back to Basics with Scratch Goods

April 6, 2018 2 Comments

Scratch Goods

Instagram has put me up on so many fabulous people, products and businesses. One of my favorite finds has been Scratch Goods. In addition to selling a line of natural, food-grade skincare products, they also operate a mask bar in their West Loop shop. Sign. Me. Up.

I just knew that it needed to be the scene for a monthly girlfriends outing. When we arrived there, the first thing that I thought was, “OMG. The natural light is fantastic!” Plants line the shelves and add a beautiful pop of green to the neutral decor. I love simple yet well-decorated spaces.

Before our session got started, we were offered a variety of beverages and slippers for the extra cozy factor. The atmosphere was so low-key and chill, and it really put us in the mood to just chat and relax without any pretense.

Scratch Goods Mask Bar

Scratch Goods Mask Bar

At the core of the process is a customized, detoxifying clay mask that you mix up yourself. We had the choice of selecting a sea mask, matcha mask or charcoal mask powder as the base. I selected the charcoal mask and mixed it with matcha tea. Who even knew that combination was possible?

After the mask, you refresh your skin with a jasmine rose “skin drink” and face oil. Bundle that with a warm jade face roller, and my entire face was glowing by the end of my session. So, you can already guess that I needed to grab some of the items for my personal collection. Before I left, I purchased the Tea Tree Cleansing Oil, the Matcha Mask, and the Coffee Lip Butter. I use the lip butter daily and the tea tree cleansing oil at least once a week. I have not yet made the mask on my own, but do plan to incorporate it into my Sunday evening routine.

In addition to the mask bar, Scratch Goods regularly host self-care sessions and yoga classes. You can find the lineup on their website. This place is perfect for whenever you need a quick skin pick-me-up and also want to catch up with friends. I am looking forward to my next trip there.

Scratch Goods


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  • Shantel May 7, 2018 at 11:43 pm

    So…are we going here the next time I’m in town?!

    • KaBrianne May 28, 2018 at 11:53 am

      Yes, we are!

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