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Tue Fab: My March Favorites List

March 31, 2021 No Comments

March wore me out! I can’t tell if I was truly busier or if I just spent a lot of energy adjusting to new responsibilities. Either way, I had to be very intentional about saying “no” to keep my head straight. Time was at a premium this month, but I’m excited that I was still able to find some time to enjoy the beauty of early spring. We’ve been outside more watching our plants and flowers grow, and I’ve started to make plans for our vegetable garden.

All beautiful reminders of new mercies and new seasons. Here’s the roundup of my favorites from this month.

Five green glazed donuts on a cooling rack on a silver baking sheet

That We Ate

Cornbread chili casserole

Cheesecake brownies

Vanilla glazed baked donuts

Starbucks Spring Day Blend – Technically, I sipped this. But, it’s a delicious blend!

swatches of Mented Cosmetics Peach Please and Brand Nude lipsticks on brown skinned arm

That I Bought

Mented Cosmetics semi-matte lipsticks in Peach Please and Brand Nude

This spring multi-colored cardigan – I can’t stop buying sweaters in spring shades!

Peloton Chicago skyline leggings – Definitely a splurge because I prefer affordable workout gear from Tarjay

Starter plants and seeds for my spring vegetable garden – More to come on my garden plans

View of a large dinosaur skeleton and visitors at The Field Museum in Chicago

That We Did

Visit the dinosaurs at the Field Museum

Root for my alma mater, the University of Illinois, in March Madness

Finally ordered a patio dining set almost three years later!

Cover of Hood Feminism book sitting on wooden steps

That I Read

I started Hood Feminism last month, and set a goal to finish this month. Well, that didn’t quite happen. This is a really good book but it’s not an “unwind at night” book. I renewed my checkout date at the library so I have until April 12 to finish for real this time!

I’m looking forward to April. There’s lots to celebrate and do around our house.

What did you love about March?


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