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For the Love of Black Women and Our Health

Reading about the health disparities faced by Black women makes me furious, angry, and sometimes fearful. This was especially true when I was pregnant with both of my boys. It scared me to read so many articles highlighting the worst of what the health care system could offer. It’s easy…

Donating Birthday Cheer to Our Neighbors

If you’re looking for an easy way to get your kids excited about helping other kids, I have the service project for you. Last month, the boys created “Birthday Party in a Bag” donations for our local food pantry. It’s a simple and meaningful way to show love to our…

The 13:13 Series Is Back!

One of the my favorite content series from “TFG 1.0” was my 13:13 Series. In the thirteen days leading up to Valentine’s Day, I committed myself to blogging for 13 days inspired by I Corinthians 13:13. This scripture is one of my favorite ones in the Bible because I’m drawn…

Make Your Planner Work Harder This Year

Let’s get this out of the way. I love a good paper planner. Between family, career, community, and home responsibilities, there’s simply too much to keep track of within my head. Since my senior year in high school, I’ve always found comfort in writing my obligations down and seeing how…

My 2021 Word for the Year

Happy new year! I’m excited to bring a lot of the lessons of the past year into this one, and continue along my journey. I’m looking forward to new adventures with my family and sharing more with you here in this space. After last year, I have a renewed focus…

20 Moments That Brought Me Joy in 2020

You don’t need me to tell you that this has been a helluva year. We’ve all felt it in our mind, bodies and souls. As I reflect on 2020, I’m reminded to “count it all joy.” On the other side of each frustration were moments that helped fill my heart…

The Wind Down: My Evening Routine

For years, I have struggled with establishing a bedtime routine. “Struggle” could be a bit of an understatement. I’ve just been basic as heck when it comes to bedtime. My only routine would consist of going, going going all evening and then crashing the second that I stopped moving. For…



Karyn Brianne

I'm creating a new path that feels as purpose-driven and fabulous as my previous one. Join me as I hack life to make time for the people and causes that matter most to me. Read More

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